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Contribute to S.O.F.A

And become part of something unique

Putting together an international film festival, whether online or live, has various and expensive running costs. By contributing to S.O.F.A you help make this unique Film Festival possible.


  • Annual operational expenses of all our programs

  • Donations to animal and environment organisations

  • Acquisition fees (where applicable)

  • Marketing & promotional material

  • Event Advertising

  • Public relations

  • Film-makers Sponsorship Program (Your contribution will also help set up our new sponsorship program to help independent film-makers cover their costs in creating these amazing films that help to educate and make the world a better place now and for future generations)

S.O.F.A Film Festival, including all its’ programs, is a private initiative and is not a non-profit. Individuals that contribute and join our monthly membership screenings do so for their love of animals and the environment and support our efforts to raise awareness, support independent film-makers who have a project fitting with our themes and help rescue and environment organisations when we can. Organizations that contribute to S.O.F.A do so for advertising on the screening they sponsor, an ad in our annual review book or on any promotional material related to any of our programs they are supporting. This is a fiscal deduction and not as a charitable deduction.

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