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'Raising Joey' - Special Screening

We are thrilled to host a special charity screening of 'Raising Joey' with top photographer Alex Cearns OAM between March 26th and April 4th, 2021 on our screening channel. We follow Alex on her journey through animal photography to an ambassador for the WA Wild Life Inc, Carers Association; Alex describes how she came to photograph and captures the beauty in these animals. Through her photography she raises awareness to the bravery of the wonderful qualified Joey rescuers and carers, people who work tirelessly rescuing baby Joey’s, Joey’s that have survived a bush fire or being hit by a vehicle whilst in their mothers pouch, they now need to be raised! Raising Joey follows the rescuers as they go caringly about their work at the feeding stations at Two Rocks National Park Perth WA.

Ticket price is €8 and all proceeds will go to Wildlife Care WA


Dogs Today Magazine in the United Kingdom calls Perth based photographer Alex Cearns “One of our greatest dog photographers in the world.”

Alex is the Creative Director of Houndstooth Studio and specialises in capturing portraits that convey the intrinsic character of her animal subjects. When it comes to her photography, she is passionate, compassionate, fun, caring and committed and it would be apt to describe her as a “crazy dog lady”.

Alex photographs for engaged pet lovers, corporate brands in Australia, the USA and the UK, and for around 40 Australian and International animal charities and conservation organisations. Her images have been published extensively across Australian and International media, in books, magazines and ad campaigns.

Alex is the recipient of over 250 awards for photography, business and philanthropy and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Australia Day Honours List 2019 from the Council for the Order of Australia for her service to the community through charitable organisations. Inspiring others with her joy of working with animals, Alex’s philanthropy and passionate advocacy for animal rescue has earned her high regard among Australia’s animal lovers and a strong following on social media. She is an ambassador for Profoto BenQ, Tamron, Spider Holster and Seagate and is considered an influencer in photography, business and pet industry communities.

Alex is World Expedition’s first female wildlife photography tour leader, taking likeminded animal to some of the world’s most exciting, ‘off the beaten track’ animal destinations. She has travelled to all 7 continents.

Alex is a regular contributor of articles and images to many blogs and magazines. She regularly appears on television, speaks on radio and is a published author of 7 books.

Alex lives with her partner, two rescue dogs, and rescue cat in Perth, Western Australia.


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