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Introducing S.O.F.A Tails Film Festival

We are delighted to introduce the launch of our sister festival, S.O.F.A TAILS FILM FESTIVAL. It is a celebration of the love between dogs and/or cats, their humans and, where applicable, the shelters that bring them together.

S.O.F.A Tails doesn’t simply screen dog or cat videos; we screen films that have been made with an intention, concept or story to convey the connection between the animals and their humans and how they have fit into our world.

This festival also honours canines and felines who have overcome adversity and have gone on to become heroes for people and/or other animals such as service/therapy/police/military/fire animals or those who raise awareness for various disabilities or issues concerning people or our four-legged friends.

We welcome stories about senior and disabled animals. To submit a film head over to our FilmFreeway submission page.

On March 21st 2021 we will screen over 4 hours of the most inspirational, heart-warming and entertaining films related to the dogs, cats and their human companions from independent film makers around the globe.

S.O.F.A Tails is philanthropic and a portion of all submission fees go to support ‘A Dog’s Day Out’ that treats senior dogs sitting in shelters in Cyprus to a day out and purchases items to make their lives a little more comfortable and fulfilled.


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